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Stereograms and the Standardization of Anatomical Observation: Arthur Thomson’s Anatomy of the Human Eye


Stereograms and the Standardization of Anatomical Observation: Arthur Thomson’s The Anatomy of the Human Eye, 1912

“One is hearing now, in this country at least, that in the near future we may look for a great revival of stereo photography, and if the rumor is well founded and turns out to be fulfilled prophecy, we may expect once more to find the stereoscope ‘on every drawing-room table,’ as of yore.” Thus wrote the photographic journalist Andrew Pringle in 1892, thirty years after the first, golden age of the stereoscope had passed. Read more of this post


Pre-Raphaelite Photography: Sarah Angelina Acland and Millais’s Portrait of Ruskin at Glenfinlas

The announcement of the acquisition by the Ashmolean Museum of John Everett Millais’s celebrated portrait of John Ruskin marks a new chapter in the history of a painting that not only has an important place in the grand narrative of the history of art, but also a more private history, through one of Ruskin’s pupils, the photographer Sarah Angelina Acland. Bequeathed by Ruskin to her father Henry Wentworth Acland, Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford, for three decades the portrait hung over Miss Acland’s writing desk in her home opposite the Sheldonian Theatre. As well as treasuring the painting as a likeness of her close friend and mentor in artistic matters, in the late 1890s Miss Acland also used the work as a test subject in her experiments in orthochromatic photography, which she pursued in the spirit of the Pre-Raphaelites, around whom she had grown up.

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Uncle Arthur’s Photography: Arthur Richard Burrows (1882-1947) and the Oxford Camera Club

Arthur Burrows, or “Uncle Arthur” to his listeners, has an important place in broadcasting history as the first person to read the news on the BBC. Less well-known is his interest in photography, which was nurtured in the Oxford Camera Club.

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Acland Images

Images for the news release “Sarah Angelina Acland re-discovered as one of the pioneers of colour photography”.

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